Try These Pleasure Things To Do In Taiwan

When you visit Taiwan, don’t forget to get your own list of things to do in Taiwan. So many attractions in Taiwan might make you think hard to choose best activities to do. So that’s why we would like to help you to give some alternatives. Taiwan indeed has many aspects of tourism, starting from the modern city tour, historical, nature, market, and festival.

Then let’s get around the Taipei city for the first things to do in Taiwan. If you want to get a memorable city tour, riding Taipei Double Decker Hop-on Hop-Off Bus is one of choice. By riding this city tour bus, you may get brief introduction about some tourism spots in Taipei city. Beside the bus stop by for a while, they provide tour guide who will explain and answer the question about those tourism spots. It’s so practical to explore the city in a half or one day by Double Decker Hop-on Hop-Off Bus. Another way is using bicycle from the rental station around the city. By riding bicycle in the city, you can feel the comfort, atmosphere, and another excitement. It is because Taiwan government very concern about bicycling for the citizen.

Other things to do in Taiwan, especially in Taipei city are observing the city from Taipei 101 Observatory, shopping at Wufenpu wholesale market or other night markets. Taipei 101 is a famous skyscraper in Taiwan and it has observatory in its 89 & 91 Floor. Using high-power binocular, you may be mesmerized by its 360° great view. The observatory opens daily at 09.00-22.00. Another time just try to go to Wufenpu Wholesale Clothing Market. As wholesale clothe shopping district, they offer any kinds of clothes in up to date fashion and accessories. The outlets also offer you cheaper price than in regular fashion outlets. Take a note that you may bargain with reasonable price. At night, you can straight forward to Raohe St. Night Market near it. Let’s taste various street foods in there. Besides, you may get some souvenirs at the night market.

For historical places in Taipei for your list of things to do in Taiwan, let’s visit Longshan Temple and National Palace Museum. Longshan Temple is in Wanhua District. It becomes one of Taiwan’s pride because this temple isn’t only used for Buddhist but also Taoist, even for other Chinese deities. The entrance is free but visitor need to give donation. The temple opens at 06.00-22.00. Meanwhile, National Palace Museum is located in Shinlin District. It has the collections of Neolithic, ancient Chinese artifacts, and modern Chinese artworks. The great thing is that they provide guidance illustration using multilingual advanced audio visual technology.

Things to do in Taiwan for certain time are sky lantern and water lantern festivals. The sky lantern festival is usually held in Pingxi District. The festival period is around March and September. You can join to release your wishes using the lantern. Another lantern festival is Yilan Water Lantern Festival. This one is the oldest water lantern festival in Taiwan. We might rarely find water lantern before. That’s why this festival feels more sacral with different vibe. It is held in Yilan River Park, Yilan County at the end of the year.

Other ways to have a great things to do in Taiwan are relaxing in hot spring and enjoying nature resource. Get soak or take a bath in hot spring gives some benefits for our body and mind. It will detoxify your body, release stress, and relieve some symptoms diseases. As you stay for a while in Taiwan, it is recommended to feel the refreshing hot springs there. Otherwise, just enjoy some other nature resources such as national parks, national scenic areas, lake, or mountains.